I Don’t Believe in Diets, But I Do Believe in Sam Bourne – aka Food Spa

by carriegracey

I hate diets, I hate rules, I hate limitations, I like to drink and enjoy my life. Diets bring on this obsession and depression for many women – I’m not interested in that. It’s a multi-million pound industry with a 90% failure rate. You do the math.

I’m also not going to spend my entire day cooking when I have never got my kicks over the stove. I’m a ‘food for fuel’ kinda gal.

I am aware however, that what you put into your body – will determine your moods and energy levels. I’m tired, grumpy in the mornings and relying too much on caffeine to get me through to dinnertime.

When I saw NotNowNancy last month – I wanted to know how come she’d lost almost one stone and more importantly, how come she was annoyingly ‘perky’. She introduced me to Sam Bourne, a biomedicine nutritionist who had a body to die for and the appetite of, well, me.

Sam, who was previously a creative director in advertising, once suffered with similar ailments to me; she was constantly fobbed off by doctors – stomach pains, lethargy and wavering hormones – were all down to ‘IBS’.

But that gets pretty annoying after you’ve been off for 6 months and have lost so much weight you can barely recognize yourself. You know it’s more than IBS but doctors won’t look into what caused these problems, just how to fix it. So Sam had to diagnose herself and many symptoms were the same to mine. I’d just learnt to cope with it.

Sam gave me a consultation to look at my immunity and my eating habits. Before this session, I would have told you I eat healthily. Whole grains, olive oil, fish, chicken, the occasional packet of Monster Munch and a guilty pleasure for cheddar, occasional Korma – but pretty good compared to most. Not the case.

We all know the repercussions sugar, dairy and salt have on our body, but when you’re talking to a women who practices what she preaches and has a better body than a 22 year old – I’m all ears.

My regular food diary includes:

Wholegrain toast with butter/Fruit, Greek yogurt and seeds/protein shakes

Coffee – Soya latte or English Breakfast Tea

Hangover breakfast: Bacon sandwich (wholegrain bread)

Egg and cress sandwich/tuna salad with feta and avocado/Soup/Rice cakes with humus

Snacks – bounce balls

Dinner: Pasta/Tomato/cheese or Thai Green Curry or Quorn with sweet and sour sauce or Chicken/Veg/Potatoes/Rice

Drinks: 2 glasses of wine – often 3 (red not white)

Pretty healthy – but actually there are some major issues with this.

I have pains with digestion – I don’t have enough hydrochloric acid in my stomach to take in the energy from food, so I’m prone to illness, never mind grumpiness.

1. Smoking, stress, alcohol are all depleting my mineral, vitamins and essential fatty acids. (explains why my waistline is larger due to water retention) – And why I’m grumpy in the morning.
2. Caffeine – to get rid. Again – a huge influx in sugar levels. Green tea here we come.
3. Wheat – most of us are actually unable to digest wheat – even if you’re not celiac. If I switch this for spelt – I should see rapid results. I should stop being so grumpy too.
4. Dairy – horrid on digestion and hinders clear breathing (don’t have this much apart from cheddar) To replace with goats cheese, oats milk, mozzarella and feta
5. Exercise that will increase my circulation and relieve stress/anxiety
6. Vitamin C (for my smoking) Vitamin B (for my energy levels and nervous system)

What was great about Sam – is that for every ingredient she wanted to take out of my diet for a month – she had an answer for the replacement.

So for this next month, I will give up the above. This might sound dull, but this is a decision I have to make, in order to improve my energy levels, hormonal mood swings, and sleep deprivation.

I do think some discipline helps us feel better about life, just as the comfort eaters need to revaluate their relationship to food and the heavy drinker needs to check through their dependency on alcohol.

I can’t be blogging about treating each other with kindness, if I’m not being kind to my own body.

Sam will now send me a whole host of recipes and yummy dishes so I won’t miss my old habitual choices.

After my session I immediately changed accordingly and ate:
Snack was: Spelt bread, goats butter and molasses spread (YUM! HONEST!)
Lunch: Goats cheese, (grilled) rocket salad, cucumber, avocado, pine kernels, flaxseed oil/olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing) (took 10 minutes)
Dinner: Salmon (wrapped in foil with olive oil, spring onions, herbs, garlic, lime) Potatoes, crushed with olive oil, Dijon mustard) and sprouted broccoli (took 20 minutes)

Exercise – 20 minutes bike ride this evening to the river.

This is a commitment I’m willing to make just to try it out and see how I am – because I’m tired of feeling tired and looking tired. I work hard and so I need to replenish my system with as much goodness as possible. I already feel better – and I left Sam at 2pm. It’s only 9pm.

Please note – that the above changes are after a consultation with Sam and you shouldn’t follow this according to my specific needs. For more information – go check out her website with a load of new recipes.

Will keep you posted on how I’m doing!

Got check out her website: FoodSpa