My Memoirs

by carriegracey

Your appreciation of any latest posts have persuaded me to begin my memoirs. I enclose the proposed chapter headings, but feel a little hampered by my reluctant modesty. Suggestions welcome.

Chapter Headings:

1. Early Years. The Confrontation with MENSA

2. Jared Leto – it could never last

3. My Hidden Work with the CIA

4. Osama Bin Laden – the awkward moment in our five-a-side.

5. The Sex Change – from Carrie to Cary.

6. And Back.

7. Confessions – Romantic Nights with Theresa and why she became Mother.

8. Was Halle Berry Jealous? The Untold Story

9. Refusing the Booker Prize

10. Carrie’s Theory of the Big Bang – Where Einstein and Hoyle went wrong

11. My work with DNA – the National Association for Dyslexics

12. Attenborough, the Final Frontier.