Your Purpose

by carriegracey

I found something I wrote in 2006, time hasn’t changed my thoughts on the matter…apart from the ‘single’ bit.

What is it that we should do?

Can we carry on without a hint or clue?

Our purpose in life we might not know

But I damned if I don’t dig into this snow

Seeing all the city boys walking past

I smile to myself not knowing if I’ll last

The bustle of taxis and mumble of trains

I’m counting the pixies, whistles and chains

Oh God, What is it that I should do?

Tread the boards or fix people with glue?

Our purpose can be covered with certain desire

Of respect, of status or approved by the friar

Watching all those amongst us here today

When shall my heart change thoughts to obey?

Through the montage of manners and childhood roles

To the passage of scripture, keep walking on coals

What is this purpose in our life?

To be single, to marry, to be somebody’s wife?

To adopt, give birth or nurture other angels?

Or simply to focus on food testing bagels?

No, I’m stuck to find it you see

I’ve done all I ever wanted since 2003

The premieres, the parties, the plays, the partners

I’m troubled to seek it written on Holy charters

Surely on there, the answer will be

Whether I marry or perhaps live in a tree?

Father believed I’d be single til I die

I’m starting to believe his prediction no lie

Regardless of love, we want that purpose

That legacy, the eulogy and depth to our surface

But this is all part of His sharpened point

And of course through prayer I’ve bust a joint

Finding the purpose is part of the adventure

And yes, I believe it to be my core, my centre

For there is each a purpose in our lives

Please note, it’s more than the footballer’s wives’

The purpose is to find that ultimate notion

That your life helped someone in this giant ocean

The purpose is the ultimate. The grand finale

We should strive to find it, so down your skinny latte

Forget the agendas, forget materials and such

This is your life – Still accounting to not much?

Then look at your actions, this isn’t a game

Fight for your brothers, remember your parents’ name.

It does take patience, wit and thought

But avoid self-indulgence, you have been taught

After the cars, the children and your houses

Think of your funeral, your friends and your spouses

Will the service hold wisdom, laughter and pain?

Or will no one show up because of the rain?

Think of your life as an adventure for purpose

Chase no more your own, just dig through that surface.